Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Maroon &white sharara set By Nafisa Rachel William. For details or ordering you can email me at

Peach and Black Kurta set By Nafisa Rachel William. Suit available on

Nafisa R William

Nafisa R William

Neon Anarkali with palazzo pants by Nafisa Rachel William . Available on

Monday, February 21, 2011

I believe in the Father,The Son ad The Holy Spirit.Praise The Lord.Amen
Yours ,always.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

A self in me

There is in me a self that wants.a want to fulfil my dreams,a want to make people happy,a want to be known,a want to survive,a want to design,a want to teach ,a want to study,a want to give thanks ,a want to define.I believe we're here to do so many things.I belive so for myself,im here to fulfil God's purpose for me,everytime i do something i try to contemplate what he wants from me,im getting there but not yet.very soon!

My work

i am working on my exhibition and i'm excited . I hope people like my stuff.There will be lots of colors, at least thats what i intend to have.Lots of effort out in and lots of co ordination but i will make it happen.For all those who ever will read my blog and this especially,please spread the word.I'm good at my work!
If you want me to design anything especially for you,please do let me know.
I hope this works out.I am everything but scared,i'm not scared to show off my creativity.How could i be so confident,i ask!

God,be with me.